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Additions are GSG's specialty.

Clients trust our experience, especially when adding a 2nd-story additions over an existing home.

" Before "                           SOUTHAMPTON

Two-Story Addition
appears to grow out the back of the original house
inside, the top floor holds a huge Master Bedroom with its soaring cathedral ceiling
the lower floor serves as a gathering room, for college students visiting this Parsonage

" Before "                         HEIGHTS

2nd-Story Addition
maintains integrity of
the home's original style

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the Tower
serves as a thinking place
for this

" Before "                         BELLAIRE

2nd-Story Master Suite
blends well 
in the neighborhood
this simple Master Bath
allowed most of the budget
to be used elsewhere,
mainly for
more square footage

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" Before "                         SOUTHGATE

2-Story Addition
at the side of the house
exhibits the
 wonderfully simple
"Federal" style
remodeled Kitchen
opens up now to the
main part of the house

GSG's Room Addition
shows through the
double doors

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" Before "      " Before "

" Interim "      " Interim "
5300 block of Patrick Henry


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