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GSG projects are generally large enough to need architectural drawings for good understanding with clients, and with craftsmen.

We prefer that the client directly hire both design and engineering services, and let GSG participate in the design process as an advisor.

Gilbert is available at any time to offer a
" construction perspective. "

Most of the architects and designers we have worked with over the years are listed here.

For assistance deciding who to hire, 
please visit the GSG offices.  We display various plans
to demonstrate the differences and wide variety of styles
of various architects and designers.


* stars indicate :  recent activity, frequency or GSG recommendation

Kelly Gale Amen,   KGA Inc
Dan Barnum,   Environment Associates ... Hall Barnum Architects
Allen Bianchi,   Allen Bianchi Design
Kathleen Carpenter,   Carpenter Associates
Tom Diehl,   Thomas R. Diehl Associates
David Feeback,   Architect
Antonio Flamenco,   EDI Architects
Bill Furbush,   W. Van Reed Furbush AIA
Brad Gaber,   Designer & Illustrator
*   Alan Kent,   Kent & Kent Building Design
Holly Larson,   Hol*Mark
*   Phil Martin,   Phillip R Martin, Architect
Kirby Mears,   Murphy*Mears Architects
*   Walter Murphy,   Murphy*Mears Architects
Bill Neuhaus,   W. O. Neuhaus Associates
*   Eric Nimtz,   Nimtz Design Group   713.263-1534
*   Todd Rice,   Total Design Resources
Phil Rivers,    Architecture for People
John Rogers,    Rogers & LeBarthe Architects
Phil Schawe,   OAD Architects
Roger Spears,   Maurice Robison AIA
Tom Stovall,   SDT Architects
*   Kelly Thompson-Frater,   Architect
Greg Turner,   Turner & Bair AIA
*   Matthew White

Other work handled from Client's sketches and worklists,
or GSG's freehand drawings,
with backup provided by GSG's detailed proposals.

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