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This page shows our typical "general" language ...

... you [the Client] do certain things, 

... we [the Builder] do certain things.

( Your actual proposal will be customized
 to reflect whatever we discuss. )



                                            [ SAMPLE ]


Client to provide plans and engineering suitable for obtaining construction permit.


Client to obtain project approval from subdivision or civic association, if necessary.
Builder to obtain and fund construction permits from City of Houston


Client to provide access 7AM-8PM Monday-Saturday (usually by loaning a key).


Client to provide electrical power and water.

Builder to provide a portable toilet.

Gas and electricity may be disconnected intermittently during construction.

Heating/Air-Conditioning may be disconnected intermittently during construction.


Builder to provide Commercial General Liability Insurance not less than $500,000.

Builder to provide Workers Compensation Insurance not less than statutory limits.

Builder does further indemnify and hold harmless Client from any claims regarding injuries to workers resulting from work performed by GSG Builders.

Client to upgrade Homeowner’s Insurance to cover value added by the project (a less expensive form of property insurance than “Builder’s Risk” Insurance).  This covers situations like weather damage to existing house or finishes, which may occur in spite of Builder’s precautions (see “Barriers” below).

Living Areas: 

House [or, list of specific rooms] to be un-occupied during construction.

Work Areas: 

Living quarters or possessions storage will be feasible only at [ other list of specific rooms ].


Builder to provide some temporary barriers: Plastic sheeting at doorways between work area and living areas, as dust barriers; Plastic sheeting at open exterior wall, as weather barriers; Plywood at exterior openings overnight, as security barriers; Paper or hardboard to protect flooring at high traffic areas.


Client to remove all furniture, plants and personal items; and rearrange furniture after completion...Builder has not budgeted to move anything.  The “pre-construction” conference can address any special Client needs.


Builder can certainly work with pets on the property, but cannot accept responsibility for their health and well being.


Builder to dispose of rubbish upon completion.  Dumpster or construction debris to be placed on the driveway during the project, which will block access to the driveway for Client’s cars.


Builder to provide 1-year warranty per the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines published by the National Association of HomeBuilders.


Client to select one person to be the “contact” during construction.  This helps focus communication between Client and Builder regarding decisions and selections.


Builder requests permission to erect a sign visible from the street, permission to list this project in our references and permission to take photographs for display to prospective Clients.

                             End of General Conditions

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