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Our detailed proposals
are often the reason we get hired.

This page shows GSG's standard cover sheet,
with its limited "legalese"...
... how long ,
... how much ,
... a payment schedule ,
... and a place to sign.

( The following pages then seek to explain clearly
 what work is included in the base price. )

So, clients get lots of information, and match expectations ;
which avoids surprises 
and leads to great satisfaction at the end.


Proposal Number:  98.145

Prepared:  Nov 15, 1998


Submitted to: George & Jane Sample
For Work at: 2340 Smith Court,  Houston TX  77024

SPECIFICATIONS & GENERAL CONDITIONS: As detailed on the attached pages.

TIMEFRAME:   Expect work to commence within 2 weeks of proposal acceptance.
Expect work to take 3 weeks or more before frame carpentry starts (depends on weather).
then expect substantial completion within 15 weeks of starting frame carpentry.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE:   Work to be completed in a professional workmanlike manner for the sum
indicated below, with payments to be made as follows: 

15 % $ 23,250.00   upon proposal acceptance (downpayment) ;
15 % $ 23,250.00   upon starting frame carpentry ;
15 % $ 23,250.00   upon starting roofing ;
15 % $ 23,250.00   upon passing rough-in inspections ;
15 % $ 23,250.00   upon starting trim carpentry ;
15 % $ 23,250.00   upon starting countertops ;
10 % $ 15,500.00   upon substantial completion (cleanup).
100 % $155,000.00   Total Proposal Price

Options, extras and changes:   payable 50% when ordered and 50% when completed.
Builder can issue "lien waiver and affidavit of bills paid" upon completion.

Respectfully submitted by ____________________________________________  Date ___________________
                                                         Gilbert S Godbold, President

This proposal may be withdrawn if not accepted within 30 days.
This clause particularly applies to rising lumber prices.

We accept these conditions, specifications and prices as satisfactory.
We authorize the work as specified.   Payment will be made as outlined. 

Client Signature __________________________________________________  Date _____________________

Client Signature __________________________________________________  Date _____________________

Upon acceptance this proposal becomes a contract.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO HOMEOWNERS:  (required by Texas state law)   "You and your contractor are responsible for meeting the terms and conditions of this contract.   If you sign this contract and you fail to meet the terms and conditions of this contract, you may lose legal ownership rights in your home.   KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND DUTIES UNDER THE LAW." 

GSG Builders Inc        PO Box 42142  Houston TX  77242       713-988-4847

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GSG Builders, Inc.   PO Box 42142    Houston TX 77242      Gilbert S Godbold, President

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