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This kitchen's long island works well
for multiple cooks in a large family

Bunker Hill   1999

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Us ?

We do the basics, very well.


We avoid surprises
We want your expectations to match what we're planning to build.   
We ask lots of questions.   
Our detailed proposals are often the reason Clients hire GSG the first time.


We do what we say we're going to do
Keeping our word is often the reason Clients hire GSG a second time.
We're detailed throughout the job.


We're easy to reach
Office phones link to mobile phones with voice-mail & pagers.
This efficiency makes GSG convenient for you.


We don't cut corners on insurance
GSG protects Clients with both general liability and workers compensation insurances.
This exceeds many contractor's coverage in today's market.


We handle various budgets
We've developed loyal subcontractors, among the best craftsmen in town, 
     so GSG can provide various levels of quality.   
We'll discuss which quality levels you perceive as the best values.


We finish our jobs
We're proud of short end-of-project completion lists.   
GSG strives to complete each job promptly and move on, 
     avoiding delays from too many concurrent jobs.


We stand by our work
GSG follows the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines published by the National Association of Homebuilders.


We care about our reputation
GSG nourishes intense interest in satisfying Clients.
We depend on referrals for new business.

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GSG Builders, Inc.   PO Box 42142    Houston TX 77242      Gilbert S Godbold, President

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